Maintenance of green areas

Manutenzione aree verdiThe main factor for the success of a lawn is the choice of the seed as a function of climate, exposure, and end use. Mixture of sun or shade, high resistance to salinity or foot traffic, low water requirements or resistant to high or low temperatures, are all variables to consider for our turf.
Once the suitable mixture has been identified you pass to the appropriate soil preparation (recommended physical-chemical analysis of the soil), which has as its purpose the improvement of soil structure and the achievement of a seed bed sufficiently soft.An initial fertilization and a good irrigation system, finally favor the nourishment and germination of turfgrass. With regard to maintenance, you will carry out mowing more or less frequent depending on the development of the sward ceasing in the winter period.


It is recommended that at least one fall fertilization and a spring to bring the soil the nutrients consumed by lawn during its growth and removed during mowing.